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Leakage or moisture in basements is a common and most annoying problem. Fortunately, B & P Bodeminjectie B.V. in co-operation with Perfusie B.V. can provide through unique injection techniques an appropriate solution to moisture problems in the basement to prevent and remedy.

Leaks or resounding moisture caused by groundwater and / or rainwater enters the basement construction. Because of the construction to be injected with Perfuseal A10 (a water-gel), the present leaks eliminated. Perfuseal A10 is a Perfusie proprietary injection, with the same viscosity (thickness) as water. The fluid is under a very accurately set pressure, in the construction, injected and works its way through the construction the same as water. Then the material reacts and converts it into a flexible gel. Result: no more leakage.

The special injection technique is used to include the following structures: leaking expansion joints, penetrations, masonry basement structures, concrete structures and kim connections.

For more information on this technique, refer to www.perfusie.nl