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BioSealing is a new environmental friendly method in restoring groundwater leaks. In this self-seeking and sustainable method soil bacteria play a major role. Through the simple technology BioSealing is suitable for many different applications.

Through injections, a nutritious solution is introduced into the soil so the growth of bacteria already present in the soil stimulates. This ensures that the bacteria produce a slime layer that sticks to the pores of the soil, and so causes the leakage to stop.

The greatest advantage of BioSealing is that locating the leak is not necessary. It is required that the influence of the leak is approximately known. Within this zone, the liquid is then injected and the groundwater flow direction of the leak ensures that the injection material is transported to the leak.

The method was developed and patented by Deltares, B & P does the injection work under the supervision of specialists from Deltares. Meanwhile, there are several projects successfully. Due to the many positive results and that the method is environmentally friendly, the interest for BioSealing has grown enormous. For more information, please refer to http://www.deltares.nl/en/product/340636/biosealing

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